Month: March 2015

What Teachers Make

Continuing on this theme of being a teacher as increasingly “real” in my life, I thought back to this video I saw last year by Taylor Mali the slam poet. The essence of the poem, is well, self-explanatory, but it really motivates me and keeps that passion and that “spark” alive. Hope you all enjoy!


March 27th, 2015

So, howdy folks! Today all the accepted/pending members of the GSE “Class of 2017” (although we have separate programs, to some extent that holds weight) met with the academic advisers and professional staff members to discuss the program and their expectations.

And boy, was it a wake up call.

While we covered a great deal of material, the two things that shook me the most were: 1) I’m going to be a teacher and possibly in charge of a classroom in 28 months, and 2) I might seek a secondary certification through a special education program.

Special Ed. has always been an odd topic for me, as I have been partially critical of the handling of the matter through “tracks” that in some ways hinder the development of students with special needs. As a student who, one could argue, qualifies as “special needs”, I have always found an integrated classroom to be more beneficially compared to a separate track. Additional staff support would be necessary, but it would expose said students to greater forms of the material and potentially spark something in them.

To get that certification, though, I need to take an additional seven courses, one of which will be taken AFTER my graduation in May 2017. New Jersey looks favorably on such certification, and since I want to actually get a job and begin my career as soon as possible, I most likely will end up pursuing it.

Guess there goes my carefree, more relaxed senior year. Oh well. Time to take a howl at that moon, friends. Good luck, and good night.

Teaching on the Horizon

Just received an email today asking me to register for the Graduate School of Education’s advising event for their Class of 2017. It’s so weird that I’ll be receiving my B.As in a little more than a year, as well as the fact that I’ll be a certified teacher in 26 months.

The path I set myself on the moment I walked into a school is nearing its end. It’s actually really funny…most people can’t wait to leave school, yet I seem to be running toward it.

Guess the cycle is ever changing, never ceasing. All that’s left to say is that I cannot wait to see where this path in my life may take me!

March 12, 2015

Hey there, family. Today I received the best news I could possibly ask for.

Today is the day I discovered that I had been accepted to the Rutgers Graduate School of Education as part of their accelerated five-year Social Studies Education program.

My journey starts now. Words cannot describe how thrilled I am that I was accepted. A few days ago I was rejected from FIGS, I lost my summer job, and the stress of exams was omnipresent.

But now…

I’m terrified of where this path will take me, but I can’t deny how excited I am as well.

Here’s to new beginnings and my future career!

March 10, 2015

Having this forum as a blog to post my thoughts is REALLY weird for me. It’s not as limiting as Twitter or other social media sites. It allows me to express myself to a different audience, so here we go:

To keep with the theme of teaching, I recently applied to be a FIGS instructor here at Rutgers. Essentially, a FIGS is a First Year Interest Group Seminar, a class in which first-year Rutgers students are taught by upperclassmen. Typically, the FIGS instructors are able to select the type of subject they want to teach. It really relates to your passions and allows for a different learning environment that helps first years feel connected with the community in a different way.

Unfortunately, even though I made it to the final round of the process, I was not offered the position.

At first it was really disheartening. All I want to be is a teacher. To be flat out denied in spite of my passion was really a bit of a shock. I had hoped my future career goals and my resume would allow me to achieve the position. But after a bit of soul searching, I think I’ve finally come to accept the decision. I still feel as though I would be wonderful in the position, but at least that frees up some of my time to explore myself during my senior year here. And as an RA, I still can make an impact in the lives of my fellow undergraduates here at good ol’ RU.

Well, until next time friends!

Simon Sinek: Leaders

Teachers in many ways are ideal leaders in our society, as they are shepherds of the youth and serve to inspire and guide generations to a brighter future. Yet to often, teachers lack the personal tools and motivation to maximize their potential. This talk by Simon Sinek regarding leadership has personally changed my life. From it, I have understood exactly what my passion in life is and the work I wish to do. I have benefited greatly from his concept of “Starting with Why”, and I highly encourage others to follow suit.