March 10, 2015

Having this forum as a blog to post my thoughts is REALLY weird for me. It’s not as limiting as Twitter or other social media sites. It allows me to express myself to a different audience, so here we go:

To keep with the theme of teaching, I recently applied to be a FIGS instructor here at Rutgers. Essentially, a FIGS is a First Year Interest Group Seminar, a class in which first-year Rutgers students are taught by upperclassmen. Typically, the FIGS instructors are able to select the type of subject they want to teach. It really relates to your passions and allows for a different learning environment that helps first years feel connected with the community in a different way.

Unfortunately, even though I made it to the final round of the process, I was not offered the position.

At first it was really disheartening. All I want to be is a teacher. To be flat out denied in spite of my passion was really a bit of a shock. I had hoped my future career goals and my resume would allow me to achieve the position. But after a bit of soul searching, I think I’ve finally come to accept the decision. I still feel as though I would be wonderful in the position, but at least that frees up some of my time to explore myself during my senior year here. And as an RA, I still can make an impact in the lives of my fellow undergraduates here at good ol’ RU.

Well, until next time friends!


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