Fresh Starts Don’t Happen Alone

The above link is something I normally wouldn’t advertise, but there’s something about it that makes a great point. I admit that I am reluctant to self-promote, but since this blog is completely dedicated to that very notion, I suppose I can swallow it and make a statement out of it.

Tom Krieglstein is an amazing individual, and I highly recommend you check out his site, Swift Kick. He’s passionate about student engagement and facilitating student growth and development. At the 2015 Rutgers Mark Conference, Tom was one of the speakers who really spoke to me. Yet what was even more reMARKable (I’m sorry, but I had to throw that pun in there) was that a few days after the conference he reached out to me. Tom told he had been interested and inspired by my talk and wanted to get my information out on Swift Kick.

I was hesitant at first, but Tom walked me through his questions and told me he truly was dedicated to sharing my story with those who most needed it.

At the end of the day, my story is my own. If you’ve been looking at my blog (which I admit very few people do) then you are fully aware of my story and my struggles. Dealing with my diagnosis is something that has inspired me to help others. No one deserves to feel alone or unloved, and teachers have a particular role in facilitating that sense of belonging.

Fresh starts may not happen alone, but sometimes that one lonely individual CAN bring about incredible change. So, what’s your mark going to be?


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