Month: August 2015

New Horizons

Hey all,

I recognize it has literally been MONTHS since my last post. I wish I could claim to say that my summer was so amazing and time-consuming that I was unable to maintain this blog.

But that would be a lie.

My summer was by no means busy, nor was it pleasant. Rather, I felt as though I spent 40 years wandering through the desert to get to my promised land. (Sorry, but I can’t help but include the occasional biblical reference…casualty of my early religious education, I suppose) However, senior year has arrived and with it comes a slew of new opportunities. My residents have arrived, and my first floor meeting is upon us. My actual graduate school obligations are about to get underway, so rather than have this post be some type of analysis regarding teaching, just consider it more of heads up about future posts.

So, here’s to the new horizons of my senior year!