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Even though I aspire to be a history teacher, it is important to recognize the role of current events across the globe. Not only might these have future repercussions, but too often individuals fail to understand the road that led to the current state of the world. In this sense, history offers a continuum of understanding the past, interpreting the present, and potentially predicting the future.


Politics affects all aspects of our lives. People repeatedly claim that they are disinterested with politics, or perhaps furious at perceived gridlock. And yet…politics surrounds us. It influences public opinion, foreign affairs, economic developments, and so much more. Being aware of the current affairs of the political sphere is vital for interpreting present events as well as the historical backdrop that has forged a path to the present


I recognize that as both a future teacher and human being, I have flaws. Sometimes my way may not be the best way to achieve a goal. However, this site serves to offer advice and real-world examples of methods used by other teachers. Who knows…perhaps by watching one of these videos you might be struck by some amazing inspiration!


Literature is a HUGE aspect of understanding the past as well as culture. The Library of Congress has access to thousands of manuscripts and texts that not only would interest students of history, but also individuals venturing into a new world of discovery on almost any topic.


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